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karen_scarf.pngTo help her get the word out about her Wife in the Fast Lane contest, author Karen Quinn is offering prizesuntil 9 a.m. EST on Thursday, Jan. 18 — for:
– the first, second and third most friends told,
– most persuasive email,
– most humorous email that makes Quinn laugh out loud, (she assures readers that she laughs easily)
karen_bag.pngPrizes range from a $250 gift certificate for a custom-made purse from to a pound of “the most delicious bon bons you have ever tasted” from More details here.
The contest, which celebrates the publication of her second novel, invites entries of videos, essays and one-liners explaining when you knew you were living in the fast lane. My favorites to date:
– (at age 84), I suddenly realized it was the last lane.
– I refrained from flushing the toilet while talking to a client on the telephone.
The one liners are the basis for blog advertising that is generating clickthrus of up to 1.6% on sites including crazyauntpurl and Mrs. Mogul.