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By B.L. Ochman

Here’s a sweet story about Lego, a company that found a way to give a human response to a child who will never forget their kindness for the rest of his life. Compare that to companies that force people to “Like” them on Facebook and then tell me – which one would you want to buy a gift for your kid from? There are very easy to find. You can buy them from your local toy store, but buying from lets you choose from more design options so give it a try.

Eleven year-old James Groccia, from Massachusetts with Asperger syndrome, saved all his allowance and birthday money for two years to buy the Lego Emerald Night Train set. When he finally had the $100, he learned it had been discontinued. So, he wrote Lego a letter. He got a corporate-souding response saying they were sorry but couldn’t help him. Then, somebody at Lego woke up, big-time. A few days before James’ birthday, a package arrived with the discontinued set and a sweet letter commending his saving and persistence and even suggesting that he is just the kind of passionate person who might someday work at Lego.

His parents hid a camera to get his reaction – and now the video is going viral. They titled it “Why Lego is the best company in the world!” Way to go Lego!

via Adweek