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BeyondSocialMedia-Masthead Each week, the Beyond Social Media Show co-hosts me; David Erickson and Albert Maruggi cover what went wrong in social media last week; what brands did right; shiny new objects you can use; and stats you need to know.

This week, we covered perhaps the worst use of QR Codes ever; Google’s new Helpout program, a great stunt a marketing agency used to promote itself and make fun of Anthony Weiner; a new Twitter tool PR people need to note; and much more. Go to the video, click on “About” and then click on the numbers (in brackets) before each of the topics we discussed to go directly to the content you want.

Beyond Social Media Show: What brands (and Prince) did wrong in social media last week:
[00:53] David Erickson explains the artist formerly (and presently) called Prince’s epic social media #FAIL
[3:44] B.L. Ochman shows you the worst use of QR Codes ever! Eeek! Yecch! Call the health department.
[6:07] Albert Maruggi examines social media etiquitte and we wonder what’s private now? Does it matter? Best advice? “Don’t be stupid.”
[10:34] B.L. Ochman on how Time-Warner Cable’s social media team blew it again. Customers suffer when companies have silos for marketing, sales & service.
[13:18] Albert Maruggi: Miley Cyrus rocked Twitter – and why that matters. Hint: Metrics!
[15:28] Albert didn’t bring cookies for the whole class. :(
[16:12] B.L. Ochman tells how Coca-Cola is leading the way in the use of 3D printing in advertising. Coke’s come a long way baby!
[19:09] David Erickson notes that Huffington Post has turned off anonymous comments at last, and why that’s a big advance.
[22:54] David Erickson says the age of effortless computing is coming, and explains the Brain Computer interface experiment at the University of Minnesota.
[24:15] B.L. Ochman showcases a great stunt by Good Days agency, selling Anthony Weiner weiners from a food truck parked in SoHo in New York City. They did it to promote themselves. Yay!
[26:16] Albert Maruggi gives props to the Minnesota State Fair for their use of social media.
[27:38] David Erickson on Twitter’s new Related Headlines feature and the opportunity it presents for both PR firms and media organizations.
[24:23] B.L. Ochman wonders whether the City of Los Angeles will achieve its goal of free city-wide wifi – a growing trend in our always on society. Is that good or bad?
[29:24] B.L. Ochman and David Erickson have applied to be certified to lead trainings in Google’s new GooglePlus Helpouts where GooglePlus experts will be paid to teach brands and agencies how GooglePlus can help in their marketing like nothing else ever could.
[33:03] B.L. Ochman: Microsoft’s Fresh Paint app for Windows is the coolest painting app yet! And it’s free.
[33:58] B.L. Ochman notes that Microsoft stock went up 20% the minute Ballmer resigned.
[35:08] David Erickson reports on a study about social media sites preferred by executives. And there are some surprises in the results.

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