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bigBird.jpg A pack (flock? group?) of wild turkeys were spotted twice today trying to get out of New Jersey before Thanksgiving.
NJ Transit officials reported seeing a dozen or so wild turkeys waiting on a Ramsey train station platform.

Dan Stessel, a spokesman for NJ Transit, said “… it looked like the turkeys were waiting for the next outbound train,” he said “Clearly, they’re trying to catch a train and escape their fate.”

The birds left and returned to the platform about an hour later, Stessel said. “I have know idea how they left. They probably flew away”
That makes this vegetarian very happy. Have a great Thanksgiving.
UPDATE: Ten wild turkeys caused a three-car accident on a highway in Mahwah, NJ at around 5 pm. , according to WBGO News. No humans were hurt, and the turkeys once again flew away.
No word on whether these were the same turkeys trying to hop a train to Manhattan earlier.