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jagger_72.jpgAd Age (subscription) critic Bob Garfield slams the Rolling Stones Super Bowl half-time appearance as the ultimate sell out. Gimme a break!
“Next stop is Hollywood Squares,” he fumed. ” Any pretentions they have to art are gone and now they are just the ultimate commercialized pop act.”
Garfield doesn’t get it! The Stones have nothing to lose and everything to gain by being completely outrageous at the Super Bowl. The more dangerous they are, the more the media will talk about them, and the more records they will sell. They only lose if they’re boring. And I ask you: have you ever seen a boring Rolling Stones live performance?
Mick is the ultimate marketing genius, and the all-time greatest stunt to have the bad boys of rock on the Super Bowl in front of 90 million people. The NFL still doesn’t know what three songs the Stones will do. Oh, the freedom…..
Sir Mick dropped the F-bomb at the band’s press conference the other day on live TV with no time delay. (The NFL never learns, do they?) Keith Richards, related, “I said let’s do it, because I hear the band gets to meet the cheerleaders!” They don’t sound like guys who are worried about propriety.
My Bets for Stones Half-Time Songs
They will play three songs they refused to identify, although Jagger later told NFL Network that one of the tunes “is sometimes played at football matches.” So “Start Me Up” seems like a sure bet. And, hey, maybe he’ll do “Schoolboy Blues” too. Other bets: “Gimme Shelter,” “Sweet Neocon.” Do it Mick!!!
Just wait til Sunday. Mick, old man, get your ya yas out and give America something to talk about besides the old farts who run the country.