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I have been lucky enough to take many Lindy Hop classes from the late, great Frankie Manning, one of the original Lindy Hoppers and certainly the most fantastic dance teacher in the history of the planet. Here’s a video of a class in 2007, and the post I ran at the time, when Frankie was a mere 93.

This weekend, thousands of dancers from around the globe are in New York City for Frankie100 to celebrate what would have been Frankie’s 100th birthday – and World Lindy Hop Day. I know he’s leading the angels in the Lindy Hop routine right now.

Love you Frankie!

Frankie Manning’s been Lindy Hopping since the 1930s. He choreographed the all-time greatest Lindy routine for the 1941 movie Hellzapoppin. And he taught a class in New York City tonight.

Frankie turned 93 last May.
Bonus Links: Frankie Leads the Shim Sham 2002
Hellzappoppin – 1941 (that’s Frankie in the overalls) The greatest Lindy Hop routine ever, choreographed by Frankie.

Like Frankie says: “You get to fall in love for two and a half minutes of music and if that don’t keep you young, I don’t know what do….Life is wonderful”

Rock on, Frankie!