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santa.jpgSanta is blogging. And podcasting at a blog sponsored by Five Star Experience. And he’s got e-commerce too.
Santa’s Blog at offers “personalized Santa Claus experiences that are modeled after the ideal Santa Claus figure.” You or a child can get a live call from “the real santa” for $15-$40
At, with comments and permalinks, the press release claims “Santa Claus is known to be very computer literate and tech-savvy. For example, he has blanketed the entire North Pole in high-speed wireless Internet access. When asked for comments, he gave a rushed, “Ho Ho Ho! Read my blog!”
This Santa’s Blog sounds a little like Santa on speed, and today he talked about his cat getting bitten by a black widow spider. Nice image for kids who are not already arachnophobic. Written by a woman named Seqkat, who has another equally strange blog, speaks of herself as “he.” Go figure.
Santablogger has just one post.
Then there’s Santa’s Christmas Blog 2005, featuring “Frequent Updates From North Pole, Inc. Chairman & CEO Santa Claus On Preparations For Christmas FY05.”
And last, but not least, at’s Fictional Fifteen, Santa Claus is listed as the “very richest.” His bio begins…”North Pole’s tubby toy titan remains fiction’s richest character, despite ongoing strife with Elvish labor force.” … Claus himself plays it close to the vest, cryptically muttering “Ho! Ho! Ho!”