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Frankie_CBS.pngRichard Schlesinger of CBS News interviews Frankie Manning and makes him show him his driver’s license to prove he’s really 92. Those are my friends and fellow students taking class with Frankie, as I’m often lucky enough to do when he’s in New York. The rest of the time he’s traveling all over the world dancing, teaching the Savoy Lindy Hop, which he helped to invent back in the 1920s, and performing with his 77 year-old son.

“If I wasn’t dancing I don’t think I would have reached this age. You get to dance with a beautiful young lady…You get to fall in love for two and a half minutes of music and if that don’t keep you young, I don’t know what do….Life is wonderful”

Rock on Frankie, you beautiful man! Can’t wait to take class with you next week.