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Geeky_PR3.jpgAh, Valentine’s Day, that bittersweet holiday that was created to sell greeting cards, but often defines, or even ends relationships, whether or not we like to admit that. Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and, if you have a honey, or you just want to console your single friends who don’t, I’m 100% sure you want to send something more imaginative than soon wilted roses or same-old chocolates. So here’s the first-ever What’s Next Blog geek Valentine gift list:
o Because romance requires a sense of humor, GeekyBeek PuckerUps (from a friend and client of mine) are by far my favorite geek Valentine gift.
Not boring like flowers, no calories, no “You must think I’m really fat if you bought that size for me!” conversations. GeekyBeeks are silly, funny, oddly romantic, and just as cool for your favorite geek girl or boy as they are for your mom. They’re hand-cast, and each has a unique hand-painted (silly) face. There are six different GeekyBeek Valentine Gift packages to choose from. Buy one, or get the flock out.
I made a little GeekyBeeks video, and they have their own Flickr group with photos sent in by customers who can’t bear to leave their Geekys at home.
duckie.pngo Then there’s personalized romance novel.
o For the geek on a diet, there’s the chocolate molecule t-shirt
o If your geek doesn’t already have it, you can always buy him/her his/her own domain name
o And for those with baggage, there’s Bittersweets, “the Valentine candy for the rest of us.” They’re chalky hearts stamped with bittersweet messages like “Table for 1”, “Dork magnet”, “Used U 4 Fun”, “Dog is Cuter.” As the site quotes “Supplies are limited. But the pain that accompanies them may not be. “
o Then there’s this hand-made monster case for the one you love’s iPhone, or your own.