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In one of the city’s most wonderful annual events, The Barnum & Bailey Circus elephants and horses paraded through the Midtown Tunnel and across 34th Street at 12:25 a.m. We waited for an hour or so with hundreds of people who came out in the cold to cheer them on. They sure smelled great to my nose. Brought back my first time at the circus.
Overheard, man on cell phone: “Hey Dude, really, I’m waiting for the elephants. Yes, real elephants, from the circus. Come on man, you know I don’t do drugs. There are hundreds of people here. No, I’m not kidding.”
Man: “Excuse me, what are all these people waiting for.” The elephants. “What elephants?” The circus elephants, they’re coming soon. “Get out, really? How’d you all know about it?” We live here.