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Rin_Tin_tin.jpgPublisher Little Brown is said to have paid a $1.25 million advance to “Orchid Thief” writer Susan Orlean for her biography of wonder dog Rin Tin Tin. My dog, Sam, immediately asked me to pen his, um, tail.
From Orlean’s book proposal, according to Geroge Rush, of the NY Daily News: “was born on a battlefield in France near the end of World War I, and died in 1932 in Jean Harlow’s arms.”

“In his prime, he was one of the biggest stars in Hollywood – he received 2,000 fan letters a month, had jewels and furs and a private driver, and was credited with saving Warner Bros. from bankruptcy twice (which probably is why he was forgiven for biting Jack Warner),” Orlean wrote.
The author, noting the inevitable comparisons to “Sea Biscuit,” says she thinks of her book as “Dog Biscuit.”