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valentine_contest.jpg Valentine Surprise is clever marketing and a fun Valentine promotion that could easily go viral among those of us who are still wondering what to do about this made-for-the-greeting-card-industry holiday that causes anxiety to both men and women.
The Valentine Surprise, which pulses like a heart, reveals a message when you click on any of the red cells. It’s the brainchild of, a Bay Area company that helps people connect with vendors of everything from wedding music to mortgages, computer consultants to cars.
The cells in the heart have room for 500 messages d’amour. Visitors to the site can comment on the messages. My fave of the ones I’ve seen so far:
Microsoft might innovate, Google might deliver, and Bloggers might get rich
but my love will never wobble. Happy Valentine’s day.

At midnight of Valentine’s Day, an automatic email notification will be sent to each person to whom a message is addressed. Each message cell links to a blog post that has details of the message and comments from the community. Visitors to the site will vote for the best message and the winner will get an iPod.