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goodforyou.jpgThe indefatigably creative Hugh Macleod is issuing limited editions of four t-shirts with his cartoons. That’s the one I ordered.
“Each gapingvoid t-shirt is from a limited edition of 200. One design, 200 shirts. Once they’re gone, they’re gone. I won’t be reprinting the design,” he says.
They’re approximately $37.50 US. and they officially go on sale May 3.
Lots of bloggers, including me, carry Hugh’s StreetCards which feature one of his cartoons on the back. You hand someone your blog card and he/she immediately says “I love the cartoon, did you do it?” And you say “no, it’s by Hugh Macleod.” How’s that for great marketing by Hugh? The cartoons are so cool you don’t mind selling them. And I bet the t-shirts will be the same.