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Cuddle_DailyNews.jpgNew York’s newest kind of parties are Cuddle Parties where, for $20, pajama clad strangers hug, kiss, spoon and “explore affectionate touch and communication without it becoming sexualized.” Rule Number 7, is “No Dry Humping” and it’s strictly enforced by cuddle referees. (Oy) The founders are in talks to franchise the concept to other cities.
The NY Daily News calls Cuddle Parties “New York’s newest feel-good-about-yourself fad REiD [sic] Mihalko, 36, and Marcia Baczynski, 26, self-described healers and sex educators in Manhattan, are the originators of the group hugs and “puppy piles” that are the centerpiece of the gatherings.
The site notes, “Many of us are wary of being labeled a slut, even if we aren’t looking for sex, and even then, how healthy is it when most of us have to get drunk to give ourselves permission to get physically close to someone?”
Gawker calls it “Bad Trend Alert.” Nerve noted “If sexual energy “cropped up” in the room, a bell would sound and we would have to find our buddy and raise our hands to be counted.” Blogger Badly Dubbed Boy says: “Forget speed dating – go to cuddle parties ?!”
No thanks.