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New Products Archives

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National Coalition for the Homeless Newsjacks iPhone6 Launch
New Google+ Showcase app adds game-changing business value to Hangouts on Air
Gawker’s mean, GM app is dangerous, Pantene’s ad is great [VIDEO]
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Sochi Hotel Issues, Amazon reads your mind, Smello-phone
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Google+ mania: most pundits are missing the real point
Do you really know what Twitter statistics measure? Does anyone? Better take another look!
Emoodicon – Plugged in Mood Rings: Go Buy One
iPhone – The Crazy Ones
Gizmodo Joins Chorus Saying WAIT to Buy the iPhone
The Faithful Camp Out to Buy the First iPhones – Even Scoble!
Fake Steve Jobs: “At This Point Even I’m Sick of the iPhone”
What’s On Michael Dell’s Laptop? Not Vista!
Mattel Launches New Barbie Site, Toy, for Plugged in Pre-teens
Photography Breakthrough: The New Olympus Fucking Easy Camera
Dell Brings XP Back for Consumer PCs
Calvin Klein Launches Technosexual Perfume. Oy Vey
Chat Diva Barbie: Can Lesbian Barbie, Crotch Flashing Barbie or Homeless Barbie Be Far behind?
Penn Jillette In Compromising Chinese Position
Clocky’s Back – And Your Snoozing Days Are Over
Windows Fanatics: Vista Wow! Does Not Start Now
Un-Underwear for Peace
OfficeMax Launches Droll Interactive Campaign to Sell Pens
Real Life is the Latest Thing in Second Life
Furor Over New Facebook Features is Ridiculous
Bad News: It’s Too Late to Enter 2006 Loo of the Year Awards
Food Talks
Beer for Dogs, What the World Needs Now?
Clocky Alarm Clock Will Get You Out of Bed
Skypecasts to Phone Companies: Eat Our Dust
Jib Jab Joke Box Email Joke Repository in Invite-Only Beta
Google Video Store: The End of Commercials on TV?
GeekRocks Seek Pet Rock Success
Drat! Skype Has Free Video Phone Calling
What the World Doesn’t Need Now
Halloween Costumes for Your iPod
Technorati’s Buggy Blog Search Beta Stinks
Japanese Bloggers Report Freaky Fruit Sold in Japan
Exclusive: IF Subscription Blog Launches in Preview
Nike Creates Spectacular Integration of Marketing and Technology
Apple Vs Microsoft on New Operating Systems: No Contest
Blog Matrix Sparks! Launches With Boost From Robert Scoble
What Counts Launches BlogUnit Content Management Appliance
Artificial Life’s Virtual Girlfriend Will Be, umm, Available Soon on 3G Phones
Firefox Hits 25 Million Downloads, Microsoft Speeds Up IE7 Release
Nooked to Switch to Rss Feeds and Blog to Communicate with Bloggers
I’ve Pissed Off Some Publicists
Blogs For Christmas – A Way Cool and Free Gift
ConferenceBike, A Great Idea Crying Out for a Blog
Press Release From Hell Announces a Blog Being Used As an Online Press Room fior Female Testosterone
Wiz Radio Whizzes Into Bathrooms
Self-Appointed Firefox Mozilla Evangelists Promote Browser
Hare Brained Marketing Idea, Dreadful Press Release: Cell Phones for Dogs
Eclipse Solar Gear: Great Products, A Press Release From Hell
Couch Potato Videos Give Way to Dance Dance Revolution and Missed Blog Opportunities
Robosapien: Cool Robot, Dreadful Web Site That Needs a Blog
Fatal Vision Website Abounds With Missed Marketing Opportunities; Cries Out for a Blog
Cuddle Parties Rule No. 7: No Dry Humping
Duke University Freshman to Get Free iPods
Dreadful Press Release of the Week
Newman’s Own Organic Pet Food Enters $15 Billion Industry, Misses Online Marketing Opportunity
Tiva Makes Sandals For Sore-Footed Elephant
Nokia Launches Lifeblog Mobile Blog
Schwarzenegger Mounts Bobble-Headed Lawsuit
Ditties: Dumb Name, Smart Tampon Marketing
Wizmark: Making Peeing Fun
Bags With Solar Panels Will Recharge Laptop Batteries on the Run
Buttless Jeans: Patent Pending
Space: The Final Advertising Frontier?
Internet Company Offers Passion of Christ Nail Necklace
Lying Dubya Doll Launched By FraudCo
Origami Boulder Company: Online Pet Rock?
Ghostly Woman Demonstrates $5000 Toilet Online
Star Spangled Ice Cream for Conservatives With The Munchies
Dick Tracy Watch Available in January

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