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By B.L. Ochman
These days, everyone and her dog has written a book. Thousands of them are about social media. But it’s not often I get a self-published book from a 13 year-old who also blogs, Tweets, makes videos, does his own PR, and sells his pastries.

Dominick Cura was 9 years old when he was told he could never eat cookies, cake, bread or pizza again. Like three million Americans (including me) he has Celiac Disease – an autoimmune disease triggered by inability to digest gluten found in wheat, rye and barley.

Now 13 and a 7th grader at a Seattle, WA middle school, Cura taught himself to bake gluten-free sweets, started the Eternally Gluten-Free blog, and wrote “Eternally Gluten-Free: A Cookbook of Sweets and Inspiration, From a Teen!”,” a self-published dessert cookbook. He makes videos demonstrating his recipes with his friends, and sells his gluten-free pastries in various Seattle locations.

“I was devastated when I got diagnosed with Celiac Disease. It seemed like I couldn’t eat anything anymore.” But Cura didn’t let it get him down for long.

After his diagnosis, Cura became a home baker, learning from cookbooks, and was soon developing his own gluten-free recipes. “I guess I wanted to increase knowledge about celiac disease,” he said, and he was soon sharing the message that a gluten-free diet isn’t the major burden it might seem.

It’s been trial and error, he says. His first angel food cake was “a rock,” he said. His cookbook has well-tested recipes including cookies, muffins, macaroons, pies, (can’t wait to try his ice-cream pie!) pretzels, pancakes, and smoothies.

While he loves writing and baking, he plans to become a film director. His first project? A documentary about Celiac Disease.