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lolcats.pngThe wildly popular website I Can Has a Chezeburger, filled with LOL Cats is a meme that proves several things:
– People love diversion
– A lot of people know how to use PhotoShop
– People love cats
– Marketers should lighten up
A Time Magazine item about the website I Can Has Chezeburger notes:

The more mainstream the Web gets, the more it’s “…no longer a subculture; it’s just the culture.”

I Can Has Chezeburger isn’t selling anything, except advertising on the site, but it is engaging people in something they enjoy – laughing and sharing funny pictures and ideas.
The LOL cat site is mindless and goofy, and filled with “in” jokes referencing other web phenomenon and it’s spawned loldogs, lolhamsters, and lol Humans: like lolgeeks, lolgays and lolbrarians. That’s because it’s fun!
That’s the same reason many viral campaigns, including several I’ve done for my clients, have been successful. Nobody can be serious all the time.
To paraphrase Arthur Murray, “Put a little fun in your marketing.”
Posted by B.L. Ochman