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catcam.pngI’ve lived with cats for the past 30 years or so, and I can’t tell you much more about how they think now than I could on the day the first one came home.
But now a man in Germany, pondering the mystery of the cat’s mind, has rigged a small digital camera that goes off at regular intervals to the collar of his cat, Mr. Lee, to see what he does all day. See the world’s first Cat Blog by a cat here.
Says Mr Lee’s human:

“Sometimes I have some challenging ideas, or crazy like some other people would say….The plan was to put a little camera around his neck which takes every few minutes a picture. After he is returning, the camera would show his day….The cat Mr. Lee … is going to get the most famous cat of the world.”

Mr Lee, it turns out, is quite a photographer. Nikon D80 testers, eat your heart out.
Cat Social Network?
Funny that he thought up this project, remarkable that the Internet makes it possible for him to share it worldwide, and sure to lead to a book deal or a reality TV show. Or maybe he’ll start the first social network for cats. They’re the only ones who don’t have one yet.
And you can even buy a cat cam for your kittie here