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By B.L. Ochman

Ben & Jerry’s Capture Euphoria campaign on Instagram is an inspired, and new, way to marry a global social network with digital user-generated content, LoMo, and traditional media.

Ben & Jerry’s – which has over four million social media fans and followers – is asking its 123,000 Instagram followers worldwide to upload photos that share euphoric moments, using the hashtag #captureeuphoria.

The company then picks photos to feature in advertising local to the photographers’ neighborhood. The only prize is local fame. The image can appear on a billboard, the back cover of a local magazine, an ad in a local paper, or in other local advertising.

Social media is part of the core of Ben & Jerry’s. They don’t broadcast press releases (like so many brands). They listen and engage, have fun, and often reward fans with free ice cream. (Yumm.)

This past summer, they drove up and down the East and West Coasts in vans, handing out samples of their new Greek Yogurt. When they got to a town, they asked Twitter followers where they should go to give out samples. That’s a great way to turn fans into customers. When they wanted to hire recent graduates to drive the trucks, they used social media, natch.

Capture Euphoria is certainly fun, and fun is what ice cream is all about. However, personally, II like eating Ben & Jerry’s ice cream more than I like photos of it. Just saying…