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I want to work at Twitter because I think it is the most remarkable of all social media platforms. I am certain that I could make great contributions to Twitter’s ongoing success. So, in a bit of shameless self-promotion based on the advice of my dear grandma (who taught me that the one doesn’t get what one doesn’t ask for) here are the top 7 reasons Twitter should hire me:

1- I have great ideas about how brands can/should incorporate Twitter into their strategy. Most recently, I have created a Twitter-based campaign that an iconic brand will launch later this summer.

2- I’m passionate about Twitter. I have taught Fortune 500 companies including Meijer, Transitions Lenses, McGraw-Hill, and many others about the value of engaging on Twitter for the past five years. My most recent AdAge post about why Twitter is a better brand platform than Facebook has been re-Tweeted more than 2900 times.

3- Top influencers listen to me on Twitter. There are many big names among my top 100 followers but most impressive are folks who have tens of thousands of followers but who follow very few people. Among those who have me on their select list are BusinessWeek (which follows just 51 people) Jim Roberts (NYT), Jane Fonda (?!), AMC’s Mad Men (love you Don!), Mashable editor-in-chief Lance Ulanoff, Accenture, and eToro. All in all, @whatsnext’s 100 biggest followers have a combined reach of 10,956,195

4- I am a strong team leader. I have helped several former employees become successful in their own careers, and each of them would tell you that I’m a benevolent teacher and leader.

5- I believe knowledge is most meaningful when it is shared. I have been sharing my experience and knowledge online since 1996, first in an online newsletter and many articles written for leading online publications, and, since, 2002, at What’s Next Blog. My writing in social media has been like my storefront, and has brought me a remarkable number of introductions and opportunities.

6- I produce results. I believe we’re long past the days when social media marketing just needed to be cool. I was chief architect for a social media analysis platform which produces multi-million dollar revenue; created a 25-author blog that now drives one in 16 visits to a top Internet retailer’s website; created a ground-breaking online treasure hunt in 2005 that got 10 million page views and one million uniques in four weeks with nothing but promotion on blogs.

7- I have a well-developed sense of humor, humility and irony :>)