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By B.L. Ochman

Facebook Flu appSneezing, coughing, aching and have a high fever and want someone to blame for your flu misery? There’s an app for that!

This year’s flu is said to be epidemic, and if you’re afflicted, it’s hard not to look for someone to blame for giving it to you. Was it that co-worker who never covers her mouth when she coughs? The friend who borrowed your phone because her AT&T phone had no service?

The app is the brainchild of Help Remedies which sells single ingredient, over-the-counter remedies for specific ills ranging from “Help! I can’t sleep!” to “Help! I have a blister!” Richard Fine, chief executive and co-founder of Help Remedies, says they thought it would be a light-hearted diversion from flu’s horrors.

The “Help! I have the flu!” app’s homepage says “Hello. I’m sorry you have the flu. Nothing will make you feel better like finding somebody to blame.” Then it trolls through posts by your social media contacts looking for statements like “Sneezing!”, “Sick!”, “got the flu!” and so on.

Once your find the main culprit, the app also lets you send a message to the offending virus-spreader or purchase remedies from Help Remedies.

Most likely ways to get the flu, according to my internist: sharing phones, keyboards, staplers and pens and then touching your face. Or by touching a doorknob that your sick friend or colleague has touched. Which is why I’m trying to open doorknobs with my elbows.