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party.gifEric Eggertson has a hilarious post about topics that have been covered ad naseum in PR and communications blogs. He suggests that there be a master list of 100 wise things and whenever someone wants to make a statement about a topic already covered, they’ll just need to cite the number and link to the original statement.
Among my favorites:
1) Stop saying PR is dead. My CEO might cut my budget again.
2) Any company that hasn’t implemented a blog by December 31, 2005 at midnight will suddenly lose all ability to function. They should hire blog consultants to avoid this catastrophe. (For background material, see archival information on the Y2K crisis.)
5) Companies should hire CEOs who understand communications instead of arrogant bastards whose sole focus is increasing shareholder value this year.
9) I’m sorry I made the comment in my previous post. The person mentioned never did what I said they did, and has every right to beat me senseless.
The list is also now on the New PR Wiki where you can add to it.