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RAK_Small_logo.jpgFor the next two days, I will have a film crew from Canadian Broadcasting Corporation following me around the City. We’ll be talking about how to resolve consumer complaints, because, honey, I am the queen of effective kvetching.
Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, I started a consumer complaint handling business called Rent-A-Kvetch. I helped hundreds of people to get new refrigerators, cars, and mattresses; resolved landlord tenant and roommate problems.
The media loved the fact that I approached kvetching with a sense of humor and I was on The Today Show, CBS Evening News, Oprah (three times,) and scores of other shows; in People, The New York Times and even Vogue. I retired from professional kvetching years ago, but interview requests come up on a regular basis.
What I hope will come out of this appearance is a book contract. It’ll be a funny book, a handbook, cartoon illustrated, about 150 pages. All I need is an agent and a publisher. Serious inquiries only please.