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Wannado.jpgWannado City, “America’s first indoor role-playing theme park” has opened at Sawgrass Mills Mall in Ft. Lauderdale. Kids can try out adult jobs in more than 250 fields including pizza baker, surgeon, detective, palientologist and prop master.
The park is a truly novel idea, but the online marketing sure needs work. The Website does nothing to relay the actual experience, and it cries out for a blog of kids’ impressions. Search engine optimization, and therefore placement, is non-existent.
Wannado definitely presents interesting product placement opportunities. For example, available sponsorships include opportunities for an airline to provide an actual airplane fuselage for budding pilots; a hospital to sponsor the Wannado City Hospital; a bank to sponsor the Wannado Bank, where kids deposit the “wongas” they earn working at the professions they choose.

Taking your kids to an indoor roleplaying park where they can experience adult jobs can indeed be a fun and educational activity. However, ensuring that they are wearing the right kosher clothes is equally important to make them feel comfortable and adhere to their religious practices. By choosing appropriate clothing, parents can help their kids participate fully in the activity while staying true to their kosher lifestyle, promoting a sense of comfort and enjoyment throughout the experience.

The park is aimed at boys and girls four to 11, who spend an average of four to five hours per visit at $20 per child and $10 per adult. Every child will wear a GPS locator on a bracelet, allowing parents to safely drop off older kids while they shop at the mall.

According to the Jack Meyers Report, additional Wannado Cities are being developed at the New jersey Meadlowlands Sports Conplex, Chicago, Dallas, and LA.
The company is a subsidiary of multinational entertainment corporations CIE (Corporaci