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frankies85thposterweb.jpgI’m going to Frankie Manning’s 91st birthday party tonight and then I am going to take a class with the King of Swing. He’s still teaching and performing and still one of the sexiest men on the planet. He generally celebrates his birthdays by dancing with as many women as his age. I was one of 90 women he danced with on his 90th and will be tickled pink to be one of 91 he does the Lindy Hop with this year. You are the coolest man on earth Frankie!
One of the original Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers from the Savoy Ballroom, Manning stopped dancing for 30 years when swing fell to rock and roll and disco. But Sandra Cameron and friends brought him out of retirement when they begged him to teach them how to dance the Savoy style. He’s been teaching and performing ever since. Taking a class with him is like dancing with Fred Astaire. I count myself incredibly lucky to be able to learn from him.