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quotewhore.jpgThe Quote Whore is a blog with no pretense of neutrality. It also is a great model for honest public relations. He’ll push any product, he’ll say anything, (as long as it’s legal and relatively clean.) Yet, unlike most PR firms (and lawyers) he does not pretend to be honest, ethical, or not pretending. He says he had his first customer within a couple of hours. And I bet that might, or might not be true.
He sent the following email, a close to absolutely perfect PR pitch, to my dear Labrador, Sam:

Sammy (whose bio is still on my site):
I run a blog at at which I say great things about almost any person, company, product, animal, or concept for a few dollars. I saw your online request to meet a “beautiful bitch aged 1 to 5” and would like to offer my services to help you with your search.
For as little as $15 (see my Web site for pricing details), I can promote you and your search for a mate in the most glowing of terms. Note that I have experience with non-human customers — a turtle purchased an entry on my blog just last week.
Thank you for considering my offer.
–Dominick Cancilla

Cancilla, writer, would-be artist, and communications consultant, the blog’s publisher, is also auctioning the Quote Whore’s services on eBay. Only one taker so far.

“I’m here to say great, glowing things about stuff that I like, and as it turns out I like pretty much anything that anyone is willing to pay me to say I like.”

He says the blog is his “performance art” response to recent press about bloggers who are willing to endorse products in exchange for cash or other consideration.

From the blog’s FAQs:

What kinds of things will you endorse?
“I have no limits so long as what you want me to endorse is legal, moral, and not porn. You want me to say I love your book, your movie, your product? No problem — just show me the money.”
Will you ever knowingly tell an untruth in your posts?
What does it cost to hire The Quote Whore?
“One paragraph on this blog will run you $15. Two is $25. You want me to go to town on the subject? $100 gets you something of significant length, and I’ll even post a photo or piece of art you send me to go with it, if you like.”