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onward.gifI’ve only posted about once a day here for the past three weeks. That’s because I have had the extreme pleasure of providing both concept and creative management on the first entirely blog-based viral contest campaign, Up Your Budget. It launched this morning and entries are already flowing in. The client is Budget Car Rental and this is their first foray into blogging.

The advertising, launch PR and all the promotion are blog-based. Henry Copeland of Blogads called it “a quantum leap forward for the medium.”

Steve Hall at Adrants wrote about it here. He says “”Already the thing is spreading like crazy. This is truly very cool.”

The fabulous Komra Moriko did design and development for what may be the world’s most complex blog-based project; Blog Card and cartoon king Hugh Macleod did the cartoons for the site, the flash animation and the ads; clue videos are shot by two very handsome cameramen from Center City Film and Video; and the Executive Producer is the magnificent Jay Arnold of Impax Marketing.

I’ve never enjoyed working on a campaign more. Thank you Budget, for the opportunity.
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