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In State of Infection, a novel that he says began as a dream, polymath Dr. Michael J Frey, author and Obstetrician, tells a tale of a Zombie Apocolypse in New York City. With his engaging debut novel, Dr Frey joins a long list of physician-novelists, including W Somerset Maughan, Anton Chekov, Khaled Hosseini and Arthur Conan Doyle.

State of Infection is well-crafted enough to keep you up turning pages, medically accurate enough to scare you, creepy enough to give you nightmares and witty enough to make you laugh out loud. All in all, a great combination.

While I’m certainly not a book reviewer, I’m a lover of New York Cty, and especially of Central Park, where State of Infection sets our second Civil War. It was big fun to read a novel that includes places I go all the time!

An ancient infection surfaces, bringing a zombie epidemic to the City in a scenerio that’s not totally unlikely, says Frey, given that new viruses surface all the time, and old ones become resistant to medication.