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Subservient_Chicken2.jpgBurger King’s new “Ugoff is hungry” is a total bust compared to the weird and wonderful Subservient Chicken that preceded him. The new Ugoff promo is cloying and absurd and seems to promote pocket books and pouches, neither of which are sold by Burger King. Ugoff’s utterances are annoying and shrill, more like to drive people away than draw them into Burger King stores. What were they thinking?
When the subservient Chicken surfaced, the site was virally shot round the world to millions because it was funny, clever, and new. Ugoff, on the other hand, is tired old Eurotrash. The only response he is getting from most people is what the fu*k?
Great that Burger King experiments in new media at all, but what a waste not to create a new campaign, a marketing blog, events, games, t-shirts, and another viral campaign on the exploits of the chicken?