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ugoff.jpgCrispin Porter + Bogusky, the agency responsible for the Burger King Subservient Chicken has created a new campaign featuring the fictitious Eurotrashy fashion designer named Ugoff.
While the Subservient Chicken was designed to appeal to teenage boys, Ugoff, who peddles BK salads, seems to be created to appeal to veggie college students, club kids and young women. But will this crowd want to eat where dead cows are also served?
At the Ugoff site, you can sign up to receive daily “Ugoffliments” from the bitchy designer. “Sometimes Ugoff yells at his people.” is one. Weird. And amusing. But I wish they’d have come up with the further adventures of the Subservient Chicken instead. Seems a shame to discard all that publicity and viral impact. Ugoff definitely doesn’t seem to have the same level of viral appeal.
Ugoff tells us that Burger King asked him to design a pouch. “Please… I’m Ugoff,” he says. “I can design a pouch with my eyes closed. If I had my hands tied behind my back I could design a pouch with my toes.”
The spot was directed by Roman Coppola, who’s also done ads for Nike, Levi’s and ESPN.
Ugoff’s site promises that a Model Search is coming soon.
Thanks to Adrants for the tip.