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More than a dozen new works – monumental in size and talent – by my friend and neighbor, the remarkable photo realist painter, Ester Curini, will bre featured in a solo show from Oct 2- 25 at the famed Bernarducci Meisel Gallery in New York City. It is her second solo exhibit.

Curini, who is entirely self-taught, first spends time with her subjects, to learn about their personality.
Ester Curini bunny
She begins each painting with the eyes, in which you’ll see the reflection of its natural surroundings, and, often, also her reflection. As you can see in the detail, below, she then meticulously paints her subject, spending months on each of her huge canvases.

Her paintings reflect a sense of humor and irony, and make clear that she puts a piece of her heart into each of her paintings.