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WD_40.jpgThat’s Aunti Goodiebags, a member of the WD40 Fan Club Board of Directors. Members point out that WD40 has thousands of uses, from keeping pigeons off the terrace (they hate the smell) to keeping toilet bowls clean. You can suggest your favorite uses at the site.
Unfortunately the uses aren’t searchable so you can’t look up a WD40 cure when you’re in need. This site would have been a perfect use for a business blog, making the Fan Club interactive and allowing for automatic searchable archiving of uses.
The company, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary, lists other Fan Club Board members as Thomas Livermore, a WD-40 history nut; and Jonathan Knopp, a retired teacher from Milwaukee; and Kevin Meany, a Volunteer Fire Chief, who likes to “spray WD-40 on the hinges of my cooler so I can sneak a beer in the middle of the night.” The site even has a downloadable WD40 Spray Game that you just have to try.
Among the 2,000 uses listed by WD40 fans:
– removes rubber cement from clothing
– shines vinyl on jukeboxes
– cleans and lubricates automatic poultry feeders
– lubricates gears on paper shredders

cleans and protects hand cuffs
– shines vinyl sneakers
– cleans gum from shoes
– keeps missle silo doors swinging freely
– keeps mirrors from fogging
– keeps carved pumpkins from caving in when sprayed lightly all over them
And the great one posted on March 2, 2004:
“After months of frustration and trying several products, I eventually discovered that coating the inside of the toilet bowl with WD-40 each week keeps the surface completely clear of all sorts of dirt.”
– Alan J. Bacsich, Glasgow, UK