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Speculation abounds about two hilarious YouTube videos featuring the geriatric Sue Teller. In this one, she demonstrates a “sweet ass” woodburning technique for your kicks that she thinks will be “pretty dope.” She takes an occasional sip from a Mountain Dew, in an obvious, but pleasantly low-key promo. At the end of both videos, a long list of credits for production, marketing, and even a stuntwoman go by in a blur.
Kevin Dugan thinks it’s related to Mountain Dew’s SuperBowl commercials.
BBDO is Pepsi’s ad agency, but there is no clue on their incredibly annoying site about this campaign.
There are two Sue Teller episodes on You Tube. In episode two, Sue mashes up the oldies. Sue’s adorable. While she likes a little crunk, she says, she prefers the oldies for getting her freak on.
As Steve Hall points out, Sue’s reminiscent of Sue Johansen, who had a wildly popular sex advice show on Oxygen, andwho’s got to be pushing 85.
Sue Teller buzz is starting here and at Google’s always more up to date blog search.
Who’s ever’s behind this one, it rocks.