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PR Newswire will allow publicists to distribute podcasts through its service beginning with the Summer Outdoors & Vacation package due May 12, according to an email. Podcast distribution will cost an additional $200 over the cost of the feature distribution.

“The media nowadays is all about making itself available at the audience’s convenience rather than the other way around. Which is why podcasts have become an increasingly popular way to send out information.
The podcast can include soundbites linked to the copy, or a scripted version of the feature. A separate advisory promoting the podcast will also be sent on PR Newswire’s National Feature Newsline.”

Mainstream media is hopelessly behind in adoption of blogging and other new media. WIll they be listening to podcasts? Stay tuned…
A direct RSS link is available on iTunes and other popular podcast software through either PR Newswire or companies’ own branded podcast.