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Every year senior citizens are involved in tens of thousands of auto accidents across the United States. In 2012 alone, more than 5,500 seniors were killed in car accidents, while upward of 210,000 were injured. The Center for Disease Control released some other pretty terrifying statistics about seniors and driving, although, not all of them pointed toward the need to revoke seniors’ licenses.

While some seniors’ ability to drive a car may decrease as they age, that doesn’t always mean that all seniors are unfit to drive. Many seniors may feel that in order to stay independent, they must maintain a license and proper driving record. It is important that society remains unbiased in allowing seniors to continue driving, as long as they are deemed fit to drive by a physician.

There are also many precautionary actions that seniors can take to ensure that they are safe while driving. Certain things can almost eliminate the chance that a senior is harmed in an accident, or harms anyone else in an accident. If you experience issues learning or working your driving skills visit Drivers Ed NY.

Safe Driving Tips for Seniors

Seniors that may begin to feel uncomfortable or nervous while driving should avoid driving at times of high traffic. This would include morning, afternoon and evening rush hours.
Seniors that are beginning to experience changes in vision should avoid driving at night. Night time driving can make things such as road signs more difficult to see, often leading to confusion or accidents.
Seniors should keep their headlights on at all times. Making this a habit will eliminate the chance that a senior gets in the car at night or on a rainy day and forgets to turn on the headlights.
Seniors should always keep two cars distance from the car in front of them while the car is in motion. This will help prevent any accidents if a car needs to come to a sudden stop.
Seniors should see their physicians at least twice a year for hearing and vision tests to ensure they are still qualified to be driving a vehicle.
Seniors should refrain from driving when on medication that may make them tired or drowsy.
Seniors should avoid putting anything on windows that may decrease their ability to see properly, such as tint or stickers. Seniors should also make sure their windows are always clean, increasing visibility.
If a senior is able, he or she should stick primarily to driving on streets they are familiar with. This will decrease any chance of getting lost, which may make the senior confused and frustrated.
Seniors should always wear their seatbelts. While this may seem like common sense, a senior is more likely to become injured in a minor accident due to frailty or other age-related ailments.
There are many other transportation options for seniors who need to get around, but shouldn’t be driving, such as buses, taxis, and loved ones. If a senior loses confidence in their ability to drive or loved one’s notice a decrease in safe driving habits, it may be time to talk about taking away the keys.
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