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top10SocNetsNov07.pngCenter for Media Research in a blinding flash of the obvious, notes that social networking sites and blog growth support word of mouth.
The hard-to-find subscription stats are good to have though, showing that MySpace is still the biggest, but Facebook is growing exponentially faster.
I think Facebook’s growth will be slowed by the stupid applications that are beginning to get annoying, like food throwing and zombie hugs. Gimme a break. Who has time? That’s why the most recent Facebook group I joined is called “fuck off… I don’t want to be a pirate/vampire/werewolf/zombie.”
I’m surprised that Classmates Online is ahead of Linkedin, and also think it’s pretty amazing that there are enough kids on Club Penguin to put it in the top 10. Buzznet is moving up fast too. Copyright, B.L. Ochman.