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Beyond Social Media Show, Episode 60

B.L. goes solo this week in a 15-minute broadcast of Beyond Social Media Show. Dave will be back next week.

Worst Digital Cases

  • IRS Hunts My Dead Dog (Beware!)
    It’s a known scam and it’s bilked people out of more than $5 million!
    The caller, who had a heavy Indian accent, threatened in several messages on my answering machine, that he was from the “Criminal investigation unit of the IRS. You are the prime suspect in a criminal offense of tax fraud”

    Do not ignore this message, he said, or the police will arrest you and your spouse. My dog, despite his many attempts to find a mate, was single. The detective I spoke to said “It’s a growing problem. Just keep hanging up on them.”

  • Projects

  • WEBINAR: Why lawyers need to pay attention to – and learn to use – Google+ Hangouts

    I’ve teamed up with, specialists in marketing for attorneys, to present a 30-minute webinar (no charge and open to all) on Wed, Aug 27 at 1:30 ppm EDT, to explain how Google+, combined with a comprehensive marketing plan, will give you a competitive advantage.

    The webinar launches our new Hangout-based video interviews for attorneys.

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    Best Digital Cases

    BS Media #60

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