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• Kodak will soon announce the use of QR Codes on product packaging worldwide, according to 2D Code. QR Codes will appear on shelf talkers in the U.S., and on the cover of user guides. The QR Codes will resolve to videos, product specifications, and reviews. Very smart way to demonstrate complex products.

• With MailChimps’ Pyow! you can provide personalized coupons or special offers, via email, to your CRM list, newsletter subscribers, etc. Users then scan a printed coupon or scan a coupon on their smartphone, show it to the bricks and mortar location, and pyow! They can redeem their coupon and you get real-time analytics.

• Ralph Lauren is testing a QR Code purchasing system that allows customers to buy an outfit shown in a store window, even when the store is closed.

JetBlue is running a campaign on posters in NY Subway stations that highlights their exotic trips. Scan and send the code, and you could win a free vacation.
Problem: there s no phone reception in the subway, so you can’t scan the code. Doh!
Lesson: test your creative.

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