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By B.L. Ochman
Throughout the year, Boulder-based social media agency Room 214 creates quarterly trend reports for its clients, including NBC Universal, Forever 21, Hello Kitty and Verizon Wireless.

Now the reports, which are well worth reading, are going monthly, and are available to the public. Their promise to subscribers, “We won’t send useless mumbo-jumbo: just our industry insights each month.” Frankly, it’s refreshing to see an agency report that’s more than a thinly veiled sales pitch.

The current report focuses on Instagram for Brands (made more timely by Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement that Facebook just bought Instagram for $1 billion), Mobile Strategy and Facebook’s beta Parent-Child pages for brands with more than five locations.

The Instagram section includes examples of brands that have used Instagram effectively in their marketing, along with tips and resources for effective ways to use Instagram.

The Mobile Marketing section recommends that you focus on one primary goal, such as driving sales, extending the reach of an ad campaign, or increasing your Facebook fan base. Just like social media, they point out, takes resources to maintain a premium experience.

The report’s third section is about Facebook beta Parent/Child functionality, in which a brand’s main page is its “parent page” and the “child page” is a page for an individual store. This feature is only available to businesses with more than 5 locations, who are preferred advertisers working directly with Facebook reps of who have an agency Facebook partner such as Room 214.

Know of other agencies publishing more than the usual White Paper detritus? Tell us about them in the comments.