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By B.L. Ochman Byron Calame, NY Times Public Editor, wrote about the Times’ blogs in The Times’s New Blogs: More Information, Fewer Filters:

“BLOGGING has made its way to The New York Times. Across the paper’s Web site, blogs run by assigned staffers are posting opinions and information they consider insightful on topics such as dining, wine, real estate and the financial world. And The Times has “a bunch on the drawing boards,” Jonathan Landman, the deputy managing editor, told me Tuesday.”

Want to find the NY Times blogs from the home page? Nope, you can’t. There is no link to the Times’ blogs. Can’t get to the Daily News blogs from their home page either.
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Dear MSM: Don’t be ashamed of your blogs. If you are going to incorporate blogging into the mix, link to them. DOH.