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Mark Cuban and a lot of bloggers have been calling for MSM to make the full transcripts of their interviews available online so readers can make up their own minds. Now a New York Times internal committee has recommended that the Times start this practice. Hooray and the start of a sea change in journalism if they do. The full report is online here and that’s certainly a good start.
The report also recommends that to improve the paper’s credibility with readers, they include the following:
– make reporters and editors more easily available through email
– Consider creating a Times blog that promotes interaction with readers.

– Further curtail the use of anonymous sources.
– Encourage reporters to confirm the accuracy of articles with sources before publication and to solicit feedback from sources after publication.
– Set up an error-tracking system to detect patterns and trends.
– Encourage the development of software to detect plagiarism when accusations arise.
– Increase coverage of middle America, rural areas and religion.
– Establish a system for evaluating public attacks on The Times’s work and determining whether and how to respond.