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girlsivillage.jpgiVillage’s first Girl’s Night Out sounded great. Join us for virtual champagne, they said, “and an exclusive insider tour to showcase the great locations, personalities, music and content” in Second Life – and a pink HUD to wear to lead us through the various attractions.
But Girl’s Night Out quickly descended into chaos, with a swarm of avatars trying to get to the first spot, which was full, as was the second, and who knows about the third because an hour had been eaten by that time and I had to go.
I did hear a great concert at the iVillage loft, and a couple of people were really, really kind and helpful. Thanks!
iVillage needs to have tour guides, lots of them, and make a much better plan for the next Girl’s Night Out. And they ought to send a list of the attractions in advance to avoid pandemonium. As for the promise that Ariana Huffington would be there: well, who knows.
Most SL areas can only accomodate 40 residents at a time, so iVillage probably needs to create many small groups and set a time frame for how long each group will stay in each SIM or the same mess will happen when they do the next one in two weeks.
I had to laugh that in the midst of the chaos two residents were carrying on inane cocktail party chat that sounded like a therapy session. Maybe they had too much virtual champagne. Me, I couldn’t find the fucking pink champagne flute for the first half hour. Sigh.
Jack Linden has a write-up at Second Life Herald