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fire_fart.jpgSay godbye to commercials on TV shows. Who’ll watch them once we can see the same shows on Google? We already pay for cable, and hardly ever watch any of it. Now we’ll be able to pay to see just the shows we want, with no ads. I bet it comes out cheaper, given how little is worth watching on TV these days.
At CESOn Friday, Google announced that its new Google Video Store will let people rent or buy downloadable videos online. Among other content, the new service will feature prime-time and classic hits from CBS, without commercials. Additionally, content from Google Video can be viewed with a new player that can be downloaded for free from any playback page.
Launched early last year, Google Video’s site claims it “is the first open video marketplace where any video producer, large or small, can upload their content and distribute it for free or at a price. Video prices are set by the content provider with no minimum or maximum dollar-limit. Owners also have the choice to offer their content with or without copy protection – enabling them greater control over its distribution.” No copy about royalties or other payments to actors, musicians, etc.
The Google Video Blog spotlights contributors to the upload program.
Let’s hope Fire Fart isn’t the highest level of video downloads (as it were) that we can hope for.