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time100.pngUSA Today’s On Deadline Blog notes that Time Magazine’s just-released 100 most influential people in the world does not include President Bush. George Clooney made the list. So did Warren Buffett.
What I find more interesting is the list created by Time readers. It includes top Chinese Blogger Zeng Jinyan, and Tony Dungy, Indianapolis Colts coach.
The fact that this list exists is a testament to the power of social media and its impact on traditional publishing. No static story can maintain interest, and MSM have bowed to the pressure in the pursuit of survival, circulation and ad revenue.
The readers’ #1 choice, with almost half a million votes is Korean R&B star Rain, who had over 100,000 more than runner-up Stephen Colbert. At #14, blogger Perez Hilton did much better than his namesake Paris — who finished at # 200 with just 19 votes.
Sanjaya, JK Rowling, Jon Stewart, Al Gore, Bill Clinton, Jimmy Wales, Steve Jobs, and Bob Dylan also made the readers’ list. President Bush and NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg make the list at 97 and 98 respectively. Al Gore is number 33.
You can add the people you think should be on the list here
Hat tip to Kristen Forbriger