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By B.L. Ochman @whatsnext

Since 2009, I have provided updates on the number of self-appointed Social Media Gurus, and other Twitter bio social media titles.

There are more Social Media Strategists, Consultants, Experts and Agencies now than in 2014 or 2015. There are fewer Social Media Ninjas, Evangelists, Pros, Whores and Wonks – but not by many!

Twitter bios are limited to 140 characters, so bio must only contain essential descriptions.

Gurus Still Abound!

Back in 2014 there were 9,303 self-appointed Social Media Gurus.

Today there are still – incredibly – 5,686 Social Media Gurus on Twitter, according to FollowerWonk. While the self-appointed guru titles have dropped substantially, one thing has not changed one bit: guru is still something someone else calls you.

2018 Social Media Guru Twitter Bio Update by What's Next Blog

Changes and New Titles

More than 1,400 social media bios now contain the descriptions Social Media Content Creators, and 12,721 now describe themselves as Social Media Professionals. New to Twitter bios: self-appointed Social Media Kings and Social Media Queens. Some people try to get a head start by hiring a service that will allow them to get 50 followers on instagram, and attempt to grow from there. That is only one of several different ways to approach this of course.

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