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lobby.jpgPeter Sanders at The Wall Street Journal writes about the new The Lobby blog from Starwood Hotels.
The blog says it covers “the latest and greatest in worldwide travel” trends, and it links to some resources, but The Lobby is mostly full of thinly veiled ads for Starwood Hotels. And comments are not enabled. Blogs are conversations. Conversations are two way, The Lobby, at least so far, is a dud.

“Corporate blogs have had mixed success with readers thus far,” Sanders writes. “Experts say the key to success depends largely on the approach companies take.”

Nobody wants to read ads pretending to be blog posts.
Still, as Sanders notes, none of Starwood’s competitors have yet ventured into social media. I don’t believe that something is better than nothing. If you are going to do it, do it right, or don’t bother until you’re really ready.