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gibson.jpgThere are already dozens of videos on YouTube, about Mel Gibson’s drunk driving arrest and subsequent vile, perhaps career-killing, anti-Semitic tirade — all using MashUps of other videos about Gibson. The most popular, “Mel Gibson Drunk Driving Arrest Video has already been viewed more than 5,100 times in a few days.
Another, “The Passion of Crazy Mel Gibson,” has been viewed nearly 4000 times in 3 days. The mashups contain lines like “Don’t Drink and Hate” and “Mel Gibson has managed to offend even those you normally don’t give a f*&k.” One video suggests that Gibson and Saddam Hussein were separated at birth.
The Washington Post says:

“Marketing and entertainment companies say these creations…are becoming a double-edged sword: a test of copyright laws by altering original content, but also an intriguing marketing tool that has been able to grab the attention of Web surfers.
In any case, entertainment companies aren’t complaining too loudly. In fact, several movie studios, musicians and television networks are actively encouraging fan mash-ups to generate buzz about their products.”

Hat tip to Stan Vornovitsky