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Banish your sloppy background!

Premium retractable backdrop with your graphics gives your videos a professional look

DSC_0891.jpgEveryone and her dog is making videos! New shows pop up daily on Google+ and YouTube. They are surely one of the most effective ways to make your business stand out. But most of them look terrible.

No more messy video backgrounds!
Why would you use a cluttered home office, or living room or bedroom (sometimes even with an unmade bed in the background) as your set?

These distractions detract from your message and take the audience focus off you.

One of the fastest, easiest – and best – ways to create a professional background for your videos is with a custom printed, premium retractable backdrop like mine.

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Yes, there are flimsy, cheaper retractable backdrops, but this one is made of heavy duty materials that show off your custom artwork beautifully. And it’s lightweight, portable, easy to handle and built to last.

Custom Backdrop Prices

Video Backdrop features
I work in a small space, and I’m on video calls and Hangouts many times a day, so I need a portable video backdrop that holds up to daily use. When I’m not using it, or when I need to bring it to a mobile shoot, it retracts into the stand and goes into a portable case I can stick in a corner.
DSC_0898.jpgPremium Features
o Ultimate image quality
o Printed with water-based, eco-friendly ink
o Printed on opaque 6 Mill thick display film that is bright white, high gloss DuPont Melinex
o Coated with 3.5 Mill polycarbonate lamination that resists curling and blocks light from showing
o Fade, tear, scuff and water resistant
o Hangs flat
o Graphic screen can be changed (great if you have make more than one kind of video)
o Adjustable height with telescopic pole
o Light-weight, self-contained and easily portable
o Graphic screen rolls down into anodozied aluminum casing for storage and easy transport
o Portable, padded travel bag with shoulder strap included
o Extremely durable
o Sets up in minutes
o Wide, stable base design

Custom Backdrop Prices

Guidelines for preparing/uploading print-ready files

These are guidelines for preparing print ready files; guidelines will be different if you require graphic services.

Please submit files that are ready to print and do not require editing. Files that require multiple revisions by the printer will incur graphic handling charges on the second, and each subsequent version of the file provided.

File Types

PDF – Full size or Half size
All images cmyk (4-color) with resolution of 300dpi for half size or 150dpi (minimum) for full size
Bleed should be minimum 1/8” top, left and right and 1/2” at the bottom

Indesign and Quark – Same specs as PDF except files must be packaged into a folder. Fonts and images must be included with final files

Illustrator – Ai and eps files are accepted. Bleed should be minimum 1/8” top, left and right and
1/2” at the bottom. Any images should be 300dpi for half size or 150dpi (minimum) for full size. Illustrator file tend to be the largest file sizes.

NOTE: If stock photos are used, purchase the highest resolution.

Shipping is additional and will be charged and payable in advance


  • Files under 10 MB- e-mail to
  • Files under 250MB upload to FTP server
  • Username: customer name
  • Password: customer’s e-mail address

Files over 250MB please email using a file share program

Smaller backdrop
Approx. 11 lbs
8” x 35”

Larger backdrop
Approx. 15 lbs
8” x 51”

Before you upload your artwork to us, please make sure you’ve gone through the guidelines and requirements that are appropriate for the product you’ve ordered. Images that are in the wrong format, too low in resolution, or are the wrong dimensions can cause in a delay in your turnaround time since we would need to contact you to make the necessary changes.

To avoid confusion, please name your image files to the NAME on the order and include your invoice/order number in the Subject field.

Digital Proofs: We always email a digital proof before production.
Your approval of the electronic proof is needed before we will begin production. Production begins the day after approval. Delivery: 3-5 business days after your approval.

Custom Backdrop Prices