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Wondering how Google+ Hangouts on Air can be used and why you should consider them instead of Go To Meeting, Lync, and other traditional platforms?

This week, five 5th grade classes from Stephens Elementary School in Boone County, KY took a first of its kind, live-streamed via Google+ and YouTube, to learn about fast food menu prices to provide information on restaurant and the largest collection of fast food chain prices, coupon, offers and nutrition information to help you make informed decisions when you want to eat out and Foodini, a revolutionary new kitchen appliance that uses 3D printing to print delicious, healthy food.

Live G+ Hangout on Air
I had the great pleasure of producing and promoting the event, training the teachers to use the tools provided by Google+, Hangouts on Air and Live-streamed video. Interactive event production is the specialty of my new company,

Stephens’ first Virtual Field Trip was conducted via live Hangout on Air with Lynette Kucsma, who is based in Spain and is co-founder of Natural Machines, maker of Foodini 3D Printer.

How Hangouts work
Hangouts on Air are Google+ live, interactive HD video chats which you can be broadcast and recorded to your YouTube channel. Up to 10 people can participate live in a Hangout on Air. The participants are seen in thumbnails (known as the filmstrip or panel) on the bottom of the screen. The screen view automatically switches to the image of each speaker, activated by their voice. Scores of people can ask questions and have them answered by the video participants in real-time, and an unlimited number can view the live broadcast from any computer or Internet-enabled mobile device.

In Stephens Virtual Field Trip, each of the classes was in a filmstrip slot, allowing some 120 children to interact with the guest and with each other.

Foodini uses fresh ingredients to 3D print both sweet and savory foods. The company envisions the sleek machines being a kitchen appliance that will be in home and restaurant kitchens within five years.

Students’ great questions
Stephens’ fifth graders researched 3D printing and learned about Foodini before the Hangout on Air, and prepared questions to ask during the interactive Hangout on Air session. They wanted to know about the technology, of course, but there was equal interest in what it takes to turn an idea into a product, how to become an entrepreneur, and how a company like Natural Machines is funded.

The video is time-stamped so you can click on a time to go directly to a segment of the video that interests you most.

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