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fortuneteller.jpgBy B.L. Ochman
Intrepidly, I offer my predictions for online marketing in 2008, in no particular order. I think the words of the year will be subscriptions, mobile, and collaboration.
2008 is going to be an exciting year, and I wish all of you joy, health, prosperity and love every day in 2008. Peas on earth.

1. Subscriptions will become the revenue models for social networks. The fees will be small, but they will replace conventional advertising as a revenue model.
Whaddya think? Feedback is what makes this fun. What trends do you foresee?
Twitter and Skype will add subscription charges for enhanced features like groups and the two will compete for top social network status as the useless applications, intrusive advertising and annoying emails from Facebook et al increasingly turn off users.
2. Social networks will be the key driver of brand success as consumers increasingly trust each other’s opinions and distrust advertising and corporate crap. Dear CMOs and CFOs, The Cluetrain is not science fiction.
3. 2008 will be the year of collaboration and intellectual partnership, internally and externally. I predicted this too soon last year, but I still think it’s coming on strong over the next 12 months.
Companies large and small will depend more on collaboration and cooperation, forming communities inside and out that will work toward goals of product and service improvements, resulting in saved time, effort, money, and brand reputation. The ones that don’t will pay in lost revenue.
4. Corporate blogging will be eclipsed by crowd sourcing applications like Dell Idea Storm. Companies including YouTube, and newcomer Seesmic will expand and cooperate to include group collaboration and meetings.
5. Special lighting for web cam broadcasts on Seesmic will be the must-have product of the moment. That’s because nobody likes looking like a ghoul. :>)
6. Google stock will hit $1000 a share and split. The founders will cash out and the company then accused of piercing the corporate veil with creative accounting. They’ll come out on top before the end of the year, and new accounting standards will be set by the case.
7. The Internet will swing the 2008 election with its candidate of choice, who won’t be one of the ones already in the running., which already has a huge membership base, will team up with Unity08 to choose which will come out in big enough numbers to swing the election.
8. Privacy will be the issue of the year
9. Mobile Rules – iPhones and similar devices that deliver true mobile internet access will replace laptops that everyone hates to carry no matter how light they pretend they are before you add the battery, etc..